This website is a fan-made website that has reviews and articles about MMO games, specifically, the Best MMORPGs of 2017.

Our philosophy

The writers of are all passionate MMORPG gamers. We write our reviews and news with the MMO gamer in mind.

What do we look for in an MMO?

Gameplay – good graphics are important but gameplay is where it’s really at. We think that most MMO fans will agree that what we all want is a game that is fun to play. For us, this means a decent assortment of races/classes, interesting quests and lore, and tons of things to do so that we can never get bored. Combat should be easy to learn but still challenging at higher levels. We also appreciate crafting, player trading, events, and sandbox gameplay elements.

Community – apart from gameplay, the other most important thing is the player community. MMORPGs are meant to be played with other people. Having lots of other friendly players around is great since it means there’s always someone to talk to, trade with, join on quests, and so forth. It’s a big plus for a game if the towns are bustling and full of players who are having fun.

Replayability – the first two factors we listed above are what players look for in a game when they start playing. Replayability is what keeps them playing. MMO gamers often want to find the game, the one they can play everyday for years. Old school or classic MMOs used to keep players around by giving them a lot of repetitive tasks but these days players demand a lot more variety in what they can do. That’s why its essential that a title has good mid/end game content or else people will leave after they have leveled up a bit.

In short, we prefer MMOs that we can play for a long time because it has fun gameplay as well as a large, active player community.

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