Having an MMORPG set in a time of ancient battles with great warriors and fun kung fu is what makes a title like Age of Wushu special and honestly you will indeed have a ton of fun playing the game. There are obviously some choices that not everyone might enjoy but is Age of Wushu worth your time?


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Age of Wushu has a great premise, and that is to help you find martial arts professionals all while exploring the great possibilities that are offered in the world. The game is certainly very interesting to play because of that since having a variety of great martial arts attacks does help you during battles. Plus, the title does a very good job at engaging you into the battle and that’s what really makes the game push forward. It’s really exciting to see how everything is put together and you will see that the more you play, the better the gameplay will become.

I like the huge variety of attacks that you have in the game, it’s really exciting and truly interesting to have not to mention that the gameplay is trying to be as good as possible while maintaining the martial arts legacy as good as it can be. It’s interesting and exciting to see the unique variety and great experience that you can get here however there are issues.

The developers wanted to make this game as authentic as possible. What you get here is an idealized version of China in the Ming era and there are quite a lot of things that will remember you about that. The world is filled with quests however at least in the beginning the regions you explore are stale and you don’t really get to interact with lots of characters. But as you play the game does flesh out quite a lot which is truly important.

There are many skills that you can acquire from either NPCs or via your own progress in the game. The world is filled with interesting choices that you can make but only carefully managing your skills can help you get the outcome you need.

Age of Wushu MMO

It’s interesting to see that there’s a huge focus on training options and as you might expect there’s not that much in the form of PVE combat with the true focus being on PVP. You will rarely have to deal with opponents that are hard to eliminate and that does make the game quite easy. On the other hand, the PVP is very good if you find someone of similar level. It’s really exciting to see where everything is going so you should totally check it out!

Many skills are acquired via reading books, something which I found to be very interesting and exciting at the same time. They do a very good job in making the world believable and fun, they also create a distinct experience and one that does showcase value and a great ROI as a whole. It’s interesting to see that the momentum you get from this is very good and the entire experience is quite interesting. Plus, you are free to customize your character and make it as powerful with blades as he is with his mind or focus on one over the other.

Regardless of what you choose to do, one thing is certain. There are many quests you can check out, you can read walls of text and even if the translation might not be the best, you do feel like a modern day martial arts enthusiast that tries to become better and better.

Age of Wushu review

For me the fighting moments are easily the best in this game. As I said, they are not perfect but they do offer a great return on investment just because they are so nicely directed and just a lot of fun. Of course, there are lots of situations where you might not be able to delivering the right blow because the attacks are very simple but the reality is that the game does a very good job at what it does and in the end that’s what matters the most.

Weapons in this game are varied, diverse and they just manage to bring in front a ton of interesting moments. Plus, the overall experience is always designed in order to deliver more and more action based sequences so having lots of action and plenty of loot is more than welcome.

Graphics and Sound

The visual effects help the overall story and experience, they are very good considering the scope and honestly there’s just a ton of content to be had here which is really exciting. The game world might not be as detailed as Black Desert Online or TERA for example, but it does hold on its own. I do feel that the game should have a graphic overhaul though as that will help a lot and that’s what really makes the experience push forward here.
The graphic quality does translate into a very intense, action packed and refined gameplay that not only allows you to make your own choices, it makes everything diverse, fun and exciting in its own right.

Also, the soundtrack is good and while it’s not the best out there, it works and it blends seamlessly with the interesting sounds in the game.


Age of Wushu is an interesting MMO. It’s certainly not the best one on the market, but it’s free and it does offer plenty of content. It’s not created as a pay to win title and it features many cosmetic purchases that you can do if you want. It’s a nice game for martial arts fans, but it can also work if you want something new. Don’t expect groundbreaking stuff though as you will be disappointed!

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