Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D arcade belt-scrolling, MMORPG that carries you through an epic action-packed story line. The style and movement is reminiscent of classic side scrolling beat ‘em-up games.

The influence from classic arcade games means that characters move on a 2 dimensional plane in 8 different directions, which is dependent on where you are facing. It forgoes the typical third person dynamic camera of a three-dimensional game in favor of a more unique style that adds a certain charm to the game. Although it is such a dramatic aesthetic shift it maintains the structure of a typical MMORPG.

Dungeon Fighter Online review

There is an innate simplicity that permeates throughout the game that makes it easily accessible and fun, the core of which is the combat system. The character’s primary attack can be combined with various skills for more dynamic and devastating combinations. As you will be fighting large groups of enemies, it can be very exciting as you cycle through attacks to build up combo counters or use attacks that will blow back enemies in order to control the crowd.

As the title of the game suggests, the game has a large number of available dungeons. They are restricted by level as you would see in a typical MMO. As you level up, the dungeons consistently and sensibly increases in difficulty that leads to harder enemies, more experience, and better loot.

The dungeons themselves have a ton of variety and each feel distinct from the other, which is great. This means that you could end up going relatively quickly through some of these dungeons, not out of simplicity but because of personal drive to see and do more.

This is counter balanced in two ways: firstly by incorporating an insurmountable number of quests for you to complete and the Blitz system which incentivizes players to run dungeons many times each day to exponentially increase the amount of experience gained. Although the Blitz system does somewhat limit your ability to continuously jump back into dungeons with a stamina penalty, it can be removed by negotiations with a certain vendor in the game.

The gear you find throughout the game is typical for an MMORPG with different rarities based on materials and armor stats that each correspond to a particular class. It differs in that much of this gear is not visually represented on your character when placed in gear and armor slots. You are required to collect avatar gear to specifically change your character’s appearance. There are so many different varieties of gear encompassing a wide color palette and different shapes that alter simply the looks without having to impact the stats. This way you don’t have to use the weird looking weapon you don’t really like because it does the most damage.

DFO review

In Dungeon Fighter there are 12 classes to choose from including: the melee focuses, sword wielding Slayer, the gun toting Gunner, and magnanimous Priest. There are plenty of different ways to approach the development of your character but it is just that: developing. You are working within a specific class without the ability to designate skill points towards specific skills. You are instead broken down into subclasses that eliminate the other choices as you progress for a specific trajectory. This isn’t necessarily unwelcome; it just means that the leveling choices you make have a greater impact on the future of your character at higher levels as each choice is tied to the other.

Like many similar games, the greatest amount of fun is likely to be had when tackling objectives with friends, and in Dungeon Fighter Online there is a heavy focus on these social aspects. Whether it be through Guilds, Party Play, Mentorship, or PvP Arenas there is so much for you to enjoy along with other players in the game, and it often rewards you for doing so. For instance, once you have amassed a powerful guild you can receive stat buffs and special skills depending on the number of members that are online playing with you.

Dungeon Fighter Online MMO

The best way to charge through a dungeon and pillage all that loot is with other players and friends. The deliberate specialization in developing your character makes for powerful combinations when you begin to form groups with other players. The synergy created by leveraging each others strengths is what makes group combat so interesting.

The variable interactions between players online is great for trading and acquiring strong gear and crafting materials, you can even take it a step further and become an in-game business owner and start raking tons of money to then inject back into this economy.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a simple game that has many of the typical ingredients of most popular MMORPGs with level restricted dungeons, basic crafting system, and variety of group play options. It does however also have many of its own ideas to change up the formula like its unique 2D arcade beat ’em-up style and purely stylistic armor sets in the avatar gear. It’s a charming game that does just about everything right and has sprinkles of innovation to give you a fresh MMO experience.

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