Perfect World International (also known as Perfect World International: Eclipse to avoid confusion) is a fantasy based MMORPG in which you, the player, take on the role of a new adventurer brought to the land known as Perfect World, for no other reason than to gain power and go on adventures. Unfortunately, “Perfect World” is not so perfect as a game.

perfect world internationa review
Sorry for the low res. I was lagged so I was on the lowest graphics settings when I took screenshots.


Graphics-wise, the game is absolutely gorgeous. The bright colors, three dimensional animation, and stunning design serve to create a very enjoyable background as you explore the game. If you have ever seen the movie Avatar then you may find some similarities in the bioluminescent plants found near the large lakes.

However, the game also has a serious lag problem, which can make enjoying these graphics a bit difficult at times. The only music to be found in the game is very soothing and melodic, frankly more accustomed to a lullaby or a sleeping scene (or something else similarly quiet and relaxed) than general gameplay or battle.


Perfect World International boasts fairly decent customization options when it comes to character creation. Each player has the option of one of six races, each with their own unique lore: Nightshades (also known as Reapers, they are moon-based warriors of the night), Earthguard (good souls awoken by deities to fight against awakened evil souls), Tideborn (former villagers who worshipped a water god, who in return granted them the ability to live on both land and water), Winged Elves (demigods with a goddess mother), Untamed (an animal-based race who grew to be great warriors – however, only the men have maintained animal form, while the women have “empowered beyond it”), or Humans (weaker souls left to suffer outside of the fairy world, now having grown strong enough to gain physical form and be chosen to come to the land of Perfect World). Each gender starts with a specific class, but can be switched to the opposing gender (while maintaining their original class) in customization.

The characters are not perfect, however. The customization layout gives the feel that the game has more planned options-wise, but never got around to it. Names have to be unique (ie: unused by any other player), but cannot contain numbers or other symbols – only letters.

Viewing each race causes the selected character gender to perform a mini intro move (which is not skippable), the lag found within the game renders this little more than an annoying inconvenience.

The skimpy outfits for the females of the race (as well as the fact that the beast race had to have their women humanoid and completely remove any animal aspects, all under the excuse of “they got stronger magic-wise” – which frankly feels like a cheap cop out) is generally an overdone maneuver by poor games to generate more interest. Unfortunately, Perfect World International seems to be following this same ideal, which is disappointing, to say the least.

PWI review
The graphics normally look better than this.


Players have the typical options of interacting with other players through private messaging and public chatrooms while playing the game. Along with this, players can also examine the stats of other players, challenge them to a duel, trade with them, follow each other, and even band together in groups called squads. Players can also join factions from which they can fight for and maintain loyalty with. There is also the “world” news aspect, in which world events and player achievements are announced in the middle of your screen, as well as your chat box – there is no skipping this, exiting out, or disabling it. You best learn to ignore the tan, flashing box in the middle of your screen as you play.

Along with the player on player interactions found within Perfect World International, there is so the general aspects of questing, exploring the world, and battling. Quests are given by a number of NPCs, standing out with a bright scroll (though it does not look much like one) marker floating above their heads.

All communication between NPCs – be they offering quests, shop keepers, or anyone else – is completely text-based, with no voice acting whatsoever. These conversations are often long and tedious, so best get used to reading throughout most of the game.

Battling in general is not very exciting, taking a long time to take out even the lowest of monsters (which apparently includes deer and giant, glowing starfish spirits). Even leveling up is subpar, with each level allowing a select number of points to go into either Vitality (health points), Magic, Dexterity, or Strength.

Equipped armor, weapons, and the like will not show up on your character, which does take some of the fun out of everything, considering you cannot customize the outfits of the characters within customization either.

While I was pleasantly surprised to find you can swim in this game, the process proved glitchy to an extent, and there was absolutely no consequence to just remaining under water – a detail which I believe negates what could have been an advantage to the Tideborn people.

There is also the matter of level-restricted activities for players, such as meditating. To end on a positive note, however, tutorials are capable of being disabled at will – there is no forced sequence of steps to take.

Perfect World International Review: Conclusion

Overall, I would say that I would not recommend Perfect World International to anyone looking for an enjoyable time. While it is not an entirely bad game – nor the worst I have ever played, not by a long shot – it is honestly fairly boring. The game has a strong feel of unfinished potential, like the creators could have done so much more to make a more interesting and fun time for anyone looking to play. It is rare that a game almost puts me to sleep in the middle of playing, but between the lullaby music serving as the soundtrack and the lack of any general excitement, it very nearly did. I cannot think of anyone this game would be best suited for, so I would just say to anyone looking for a new game to check out: cross this one off your list, and keep moving.

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